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Cookie & Login Help

If you try to log into OnlineEd and you immediately return to the login screen or if your shopping cart does not work properly, this indicates that your computer is not receiving "cookies." A cookie is a small piece of information that identifies your computer to OnlineEd. Your computer must be able to accept cookies from OnlineEd in order to be able to use the website.

  • First, try to enable cookies using the instructions provided here:

    How To Enable Cookies

  • On some computers it may be helpful to first delete existing cookies using these instructions:

    How To Delete Cookies

  • On Internet Explorer, it helps some users to check the "Always allow session cookies" box on the "Advanced" tab of the "Privacy" area of "Internet Options."

  • Be sure that your system's date and time are set correctly. Please make sure that the month, day, year, and time are all correct.

  • If you are using a third-party firewall software on Windows, please try disabling it and using the included Windows firefall software.

  • If all of these options fail, we suggest either using a different web browser or a completely different computer that you know works.

    If you wish to try a different web browser, please consider:

If you have tried all of these options, unfortunately OnlineEd will not be able to provide you with further technical support. Please contact your computer's manufacturer or local IT personnel for additional support.