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Mastering Your Lead Conversion

Learn how to convert your real estate leads into clients with this online course developed by real estate industry expert Dirk Zeller.


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Price: $297.00 (USD)
Purpose: Dirk Zeller teaches you how to convert your prospective leads into real estate clients
Features: online text, online video
Category: Real Estate > Professional Development
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Dirk Zeller teaches you how to convert your prospective leads into real estate clients

This is a non-credit course. Not for license renewals.

Real estate requires an agent to be actively engaged in prospecting and looking for new clients. A dormant agent who simply waits for clients to inquire about real estate services may find that those clients never arrive, or that those clients select agents who are more dynamic or appear more hard working. There are a variety of sources where leads for future real estate sales may be found, but how to interact and convert those leads into clients is a special skill that often isn't taught in any real estate licensing course.

This Mastering Your Lead Conversion course fills in that missing piece of assertiveness training. This online course is full of information on how to take those leads and transform them from "Not interested, go away" into potential real estate clients. The topics covered in this course include how to:

  • make effective opening statements and understand the Pyramid of Persuasion.

  • be assertive, yet respectful, with prospect conversions.

  • neutralize the defensive brush-off that a lead will respond with.

  • probe for triggering events that cause prospects to start their home search.

  • create a sense of trust on your first telephone call with a lead.

  • improve your conversation with bridge closing statements and connective phrases.

  • understand the intentions of the internet-based real estate consumer.

  • increase the chances that a prospect will respond to your well-structured voice mail messages.

  • communicate your service and the value of your real estate experience.

  • use pausing and other talking techniques to better understand your prospects.

  • work with a long-term lead who isn't ready to buy or sell right now.

This course was developed by Dirk Zeller of Real Estate Champions, a leader in real estate marketing, coaching, and self-promotion training. 

Course Content

This media course is divided into 11 units, with each unit guiding you through various techniques to improve to prospecting strategies. In each unit you will listen to Dirk teach you about the unit's topics. You will also be watching videos of Dirk explaining things in more detail and go through responsive activities to enforce the methodologies. Each unit will also have a short role-playing exercise to see how you fare when faced with a potential prospect, followed by a short quiz. The units include a variety of scripts that you can use to improve your communication with prospects.

This course will take approximately 8 hours to complete.

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