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Ohio Real Estate Continuing Education Courses


Provided by Career WebSchool

Select from discounted packages or individual courses to renew your real estate license

Ohio Real Estate Professional Development Courses

Career Enhancement Online Course

A Video Series for Transaction Coordination Training

The TC Launch Pad is a national Transaction Coordination program designed to educate Real Estate professionals as Transaction Coordinators.
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Included Standard:

Includes Video Printable Certificate
FREE!Career Enhancement 1 Hour Online Course

A free course to help protect our friends in the real estate industry. Not for CE credit.

$695.00Career Enhancement Online CourseBundle

A 10-course package full of courses to make you a more efficient and profitable REALTOR

$299.00Career Enhancement Online Course

Learn how to sell expensive luxury homes and market to high-end clients

$295.00Career Enhancement Online Course

New Agent Sales and Marketing Post-Licensing Training

$199.00Career Enhancement Online Course

Learn to manage the staging process and motivate sellers to prepare their house for sale.

$149.00Career Enhancement Online Course

Setting The Stage to Maximizing Your Client's Equity Through Property Staging

$125.00Career Enhancement Online Course

Develop and sustain your real estate business. Created by the Women's Council of REALTORS®

$49.00Career Enhancement 3 Hours Online Course

Gain a competitive edge in communicating the benefits of green and energy efficient home features in your market.

$49.00Career Enhancement Online Course

Learn how to create reliable square footage measurements for single-family houses

$45.00Career Enhancement 3 Hours Online Course

Learn about Accessory Dwelling Units, the latest trend in earning on-property rental income

$25.00Career Enhancement Online Course
$19.00Career Enhancement 1 Hour Online Course

Become a better "green" agent by helping your clients take advantage of energy efficiency, home health, and solar upgrades

REALTOR Designations and Courses Courses

$125.00Online Course

Develop and sustain your real estate business. Created by the Women's Council of REALTORS®

Provided by Realtor University (NAR / LearningLibrary.com)

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Ohio Mortgage Loan Originator License Training Courses

Pre-License 20 Hours Online Instructor-Led Bundle

20-hour National SAFE prelicense course for obtaining a mortgage loan originator license. Includes test prep webinar.

Everything you need to ace your MLO licensing exam! Our Deluxe SAFE comprehensive mortgage loan originator pre-license course includes live webinar test prep.
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Included Standard:

Includes Video Practice Tests Test Simulator Printable Certificate PDF & EPUB eBook
$199.00Pre-License 20 Hours Online Instructor-LedBundle

Online instructor-led license training to become a mortgage loan originator

$99.00Exam-Prep Live Webinar

Prepare yourself for the NMLS MLO licensing exam with this live 2-hour webinar

$80.00Exam-Prep Online

Prepare yourself for the NMLS MLO licensing exam with this video course

What do I need?

Ohio Mortgage Loan Originator Continuing Education Courses

$65.00CE 8 Hours Online Self-StudyComprehensive

For NMLS licensees who did NOT complete their continuing education requirements in 2019. NOT FOR 2020 RENEWALS.

Mortgage Core Compliance Training Courses

Ohio Appraisal Professional Development Courses

$129.00Online Course

Learn the differences between energy efficient, green, and code-built homes to apply adjustments to appraisal assignments

$129.00Online Course

Learn to apply different valuation approaches in order to produce well-supported appraisals for green properties.

Ohio Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Courses