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Massachusetts Real Estate Professional Development Courses

Career Enhancement Online Course

A Video Series for Transaction Coordination Training

The TC Launch Pad is a national Transaction Coordination program designed to educate Real Estate professionals as Transaction Coordinators.
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Included Standard:

Includes Video Printable Certificate
FREE!Career Enhancement 1 Hour Online Course

A free course to help protect our friends in the real estate industry. Not for CE credit.

$695.00Career Enhancement Online CourseBundle

A 10-course package full of courses to make you a more efficient and profitable REALTOR

$299.00Career Enhancement Online Course

Learn how to sell expensive luxury homes and market to high-end clients

$295.00Career Enhancement Online Course

New Agent Sales and Marketing Post-Licensing Training

$199.00Career Enhancement Online Course

Learn to manage the staging process and motivate sellers to prepare their house for sale.

$149.00Career Enhancement Online Course

Setting The Stage to Maximizing Your Client's Equity Through Property Staging

$125.00Career Enhancement Online CourseBusiness of Your Business

Develop and sustain your real estate business. Created by the Women's Council of REALTORS®

$49.00Career Enhancement Online Course

Gain a competitive edge in communicating the benefits of green and energy efficient home features in your market.

$49.00Career Enhancement Online Course

Learn how to create reliable square footage measurements for single-family houses

$45.00Career Enhancement 3 Hours Online Course

Learn about Accessory Dwelling Units, the latest trend in earning on-property rental income

$25.00Career Enhancement Online Course
$19.00Career Enhancement 1 Hour Online Course

Become a better "green" agent by helping your clients take advantage of energy efficiency, home health, and solar upgrades

$149.00Career Enhancement Online Course

Learn the importance of your role as a REALTOR® before, during and after a natural disaster.

$109.00 $149.00Career Enhancement Online Course

Understand how the right mindset, strong leadership, and effective communication will foster resiliency.

$109.00 $149.00Career Enhancement Online Course

Learn actions you can take to be prepared, survive, and recover from human-made disasters.

$109.00 $149.00Career Enhancement Online Course

Learn how to successfully navigate post-disaster recovery services.

$297.00 $399.00Career Enhancement Online CourseBundle

Continue your CKM Advisor training with this package of three courses

REALTOR Designations Courses

$125.00Online CourseBusiness of Your Business

Develop and sustain your real estate business. Created by the Women's Council of REALTORS®

What do I need?

Massachusetts Mortgage Loan Originator License Training Courses

Massachusetts Pre-License 23 Hours Online Course PE Elective Bundle

For obtaining a mortgage loan originator license with the Massachusetts DOB. Includes live exam prep webinar.

This MA mortgage loan originator training package has DOB & SAFE Comprehensive requirements for MLO license candidates in Massachusetts. Get started today at OnlineEd!
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Included Standard:

Online Materials Includes Video Online Audio Live Class Webinar State Component Printable Certificate PDF & EPUB eBook Practice Tests Test Simulator Live Test Prep Webinar
$245.00Massachusetts Pre-License 23 Hours Online CoursePE ElectiveBundle

Become a licensed MLO under the Massachusetts DOB. Includes both national and DOB state-specific requirement.

$199.00Pre-License 20 Hours Online Instructor-LedBundle

National online instructor-led license training to become a mortgage loan originator

$49.00Massachusetts Pre-License 3 Hours Online CoursePE Elective

Mandatory Massachusetts state-specific component for DOB mortgage licensee applicants

$99.00Exam-Prep Live Webinar

Prepare yourself for the NMLS MLO licensing exam with this 2-hour live webinar

$80.00Exam-Prep Online Self-Study

Prepare yourself for the NMLS MLO licensing exam with this self-paced online video course

What do I need?

Massachusetts Mortgage Loan Originator Continuing Education Courses

Massachusetts CE 8 Hours Online Self-Study Bundle

Complete 8-hour package for MA MLO licensees. Includes the 1-hour state specific requirement.

Complete these Massachusetts loan originator continuing education courses to renew your MLO license before the December 31, 2020 deadline.
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Included Standard:

Includes Video Online Course Printable Certificate PDF & EPUB eBook

Optional Add-Ons:

Read-Along Audio MP3
$19.50Massachusetts CE 1 Hour Online Self-StudyCE Elective

1-hour Massachusetts state-specific course for licensed mortgage loan originators

$33.00CE 7 Hours Online Self-StudyCE Core

General 7 hours of NMLS continuing education for MLO licensees who might also need a state-specific course

Mortgage Core Compliance Training Courses

Massachusetts Appraisal Continuing Education Courses


Provided by Van Education Center

Massachusetts Appraisal Professional Development Courses

$129.00Online Course

Learn the differences between energy efficient, green, and code-built homes to apply adjustments to appraisal assignments

$129.00Online Course

Learn to apply different valuation approaches in order to produce well-supported appraisals for green properties.

Massachusetts Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Courses