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Small Claims - Big Rewards

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Price: $138.00 (USD)
Features: online video
Category: Real Estate > Professional Development > California
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This is a non-credit course. Not for license renewals.

If you have ever found yourself in Small Claims court, or wondered if Small Claims court is the right way to settle your disputes, this 3-hour course will help you gain a sound foundation about the workings of Small Claims Court in California and how to use the system to resolve disputes.

How you will benefit from taking this course:

  • You will know how to prepare for a Small Claims Court hearing
  • Easily find online resources and advisors to assist with preparation
  • Understand the factors that will influence whether to use Small Claims Court
  • Feel more confident because you will know what to expect
  • Know how to select the proper Small Claims Court
  • Follow the relevant time frames for filing and responding to a Small Claims Court action
  • Understand what the Small Claims Court decision means to you

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